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Grainland Grain Silos

Grainland Fully Sealed Grain Silos are available in two sizes, 100 tonne (118 cubic meters) or 110 tonne (132 cubic meters). Both models feature a wide front leg spacing of 1.5 meters and a 660mm discharge height to accommodate belt conveyors and larger augers.   

Grainland Silos are fully sealed with remote opening lids and butterfly discharge valves to aid in sealing and eliminate crevices for grain to accumulate and weevils to breed. The bottom ring on the silo legs is raised off the ground to let grain to pass underneath to help keep the pad clean and weevil free. The manhole in the cone allows for easy access and cleaning. All silos come setup for Aerators and have all the plumbing installed for Fumigation.

We include three temperature and moisture probe access points and multiple sight glasses so you never have to guess how full your silo is again. Our silos are Australian Made and comply to Australian Standard AS1657 and all ladders and cages are Workcover approved. 

Grainland Fully Sealed Grain Silos

  • Available in 100  & 110 Tonne Models Fully Sealed
  • Easy To Clean
  • Wide 1.5 meter Leg Opening
  • 660mm Discharge Height
  • Temperature and Moisture Probe Access Ports
  • Multiple Sight Glasses
  • Remote Opening Lids
  • Aerator & Fumigation Ready
  • Butterfly Valve Opening for Reliability
  • Ladders and Cages to Workcover Standards
  • Designed to Australian Standard AS1657
  • Galvanised Base with Zinkalume Walls & Roof
  • Proudly Australian Made
Grain Silos 
Grain Silo Transportable Grain Silo  Grainland Silo 

Wide 1.5 meter leg opening to allow belt conveyors and large augers easy access

660mm Discharge Height and remote opening Butterfly Valve for easy cleaning and a better seal. 

Bottom Ring raised off ground stops grain getting caught resulting in  easier cleaning and better hygiene. 

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