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Silos Specifications
Grain Silo

Model - 100

Type  -  Fully Sealed Transportable Grain Silo

Capacity  - 100 tonnes*

Size  - 118 cubic meters

Height  - 8.7 meters

Diameter  -  4.75 meters

Cone - 30 degrees
Discharge Height - 660mm

Leg Opening - 1.5 meters

Model - 110

Type  -  Fully Sealed Transportable Grain Silo

Capacity  - 110 tonnes*

Size  - 132 cubic meters

Height  - 9.5 meters

Diameter  -  4.75 meters

Cone  -  30 degrees
Discharge Height  -  660 mm

Leg Opening - 1.5 meters

* Wheat density is based on 820 kg / cubic meter with 5% compaction

Concrete Slab
Grain Silo

Minimum 25 MPa strength.

F72 mesh required embedded 50mm

Approximately 5 cubic meters of concrete required.

More than 5mm clearance between silo base ring and concrete pad must be filled with spacer.

Fix with eight 10mm screwbolts at four points.

Grainland will bolt down the silos, but accept NO responsibility and offer no guarantee that the silo will not blow over, due to concrete slab strength quality

These slab details are adequate on hard-fill, compacted ground. If your soil is not considered stable then you should consult an engineer who could advise you on the best way to stabilize your silo foundation. Grainland does not accept any responsibility for foundations that become unstable.

Site Preparation

Plan for the future - make sure there is room for future expansion of the silo complex.

The Concrete pad must be on flat level ground and the ground must be natural hard compacted soil.

The ground must be able to support fully loaded trucks (preferable in all weather conditions)

Drainage must be adequate to prevent flooding or subsidence of the foundations.

Foundations must be installed in accordance with Grainlands instructions.

Augers and Trucks must be able to easily access the silo and operate a safe distance from power lines, other buildings and facilities.

Access by vehicles to and from public roads must be safe.

Auger Size Required

When determining the height of an auger required you need to take into account the height of the concrete slab as well as the length of the augers drop chute (usually about a meter in length). Please note the quoted height of an auger does not include the length of of the drop chute. It is also worth noting that auger heights for the same size auger can vary quiet a lot between manufacturers. For example a Wheatheart 8:41 has a maximum height of 7.51 meters,  where a Farm King 8:41 has a maximum height of  8.61meters. Please check with your auger manufacturer for the maximum height of you auger.
Model 100

Silo Height - 8.7 meters (28.6 foot)
Minimum Auger Height Required - 9.7 meters (31.9 foot)

Recommended Augers - Farm King 10:51 (10.7 meters)

Model 110

Silo Height - 9.5 meters (31.2 foot)
Minimum Auger Height Required - 10.5 meters (34.4 foot)

Recommended Auger - Farm King 10:61 (12.8 meters)

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