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Hygiene and aeration cooling can overcome 85% of pest problems in silos. Most pest infestations occur in the first harvested grain. Grain residue in augers, field bins and silos is the biggest cause of contamination.

Freshly-harvested grain usually has a temperature around 30°C, which is an ideal breeding temperature for storage pests. Studies have shown that rust-red flour beetles stop breeding at 20°C, lesser grain borer at 18°C and below 15°C all storage pests stop breeding. Try and aim for temperatures of less than 23°C during summer and less than 15°C during winter.*

Grainland Transportable Grain Silos come set up with plenum and flange ready to attach Aerators. Aerators are available with electric or petrol motor driven options. Aeration is an absolute must when ensuring the quality of stored grain.

For more information on Aeration you can download the GRCD Aeration Guide

 Silo Aeration Silo Aeration  Silo Aeration


With the increasing resistance of Weevils to phosphine the importance of a 100% kill rate is essential. Grainland Transportable Grain Silos are fully sealed and come standard fully plumbed with a recirculation fumigation system. Recirculation of phosphine gas within a sealed silo is the only way to ensure a 100% kill rate.

For effective phosphine fumigation, a minimum of 300 parts per million (ppm) gas concentration for seven days or 200ppm for 10 days is required. Fumigation trials in silos with small leaks demonstrated that phosphine levels are as low as 3ppm close to the leaks.

For more information on fumigation download the GRCD Pest Control Manual

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